Cleaning and refurbishing of optical elements for lasers

The technology equipped with lasers cannot be without quality optical elements that need to be regularly checked and, if it is necessary, cleaned, refurbished or replaced. Early intervention can prevent situations where, due to the pollution of the optical element, the surrounding components are burnt and destroyed. This is accompanied by a significant financial expense and production stoppage for a repair time that takes more time than just routine checking.

Our regular inspections contain checking and optics cleaning. If needed, the optics is replaced by a new one and the original optics is taken to be refurbished, if its condition allows it and it is still economical.

Spare Parts for Laser Optics

Our company also specializes in providing spare parts for laser optics, ensuring optimal performance and long life for your laser systems. We offer a wide range of spare parts, including lenses, mirrors, protective windows, and other key components. These spare parts are made from high-quality materials that guarantee precise performance and reliability.


Laser optics should be installed in a dust-free and clean environment. If such an environment is not available, we recommend leaving the replacement of optics to professionals to ensure proper installation and optimal functionality of your laser system. If your laser optics need servicing or parts replacement, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to provide you with fast and efficient support to keep your laser system operating at its best.

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