Repair and refurbishing of laser process heads

We also provide a process heads service for our customers. For our needs we use heads mainly made by Precitec, of which we have almost all parts in stock, so we are able to react quickly to your request. We also have experience with process heads from HIGHYYAG, Laser Mech, RAYTOOLS.

We recommend you to entrust the cleaning and replacement of the optical elements to a specialized company. It is highly probable that if you replace it by yourself you will pollute expensive optical elements during installation! Replacement directly at the machine, where there is no dust-free environment, will not end as you expect. The service also includes replacement and checking of head gasket and tightness, capacitive sensor test and internal diagnostics reading.

We also check optical fibers and connectors, including measuring the optical power of the laser. In case of long-term cooperation and purchasing the spare parts from us, the replacement of these elements is free of charge.

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