Laser cutting machines

CNC fiber cutting laser GML3015-HS

  • quality and reliable machine, which is worth years of experience and development
  • Czech product with components from proven manufacturers
  • "local" product with a stable position on the market

Service support in direct connection with development, production and distribution

  • consultation and advice on choosing a machine for your operation
  • guarantee of service expertise
  • immediate feedback when solving possible problems
  • fast delivery of spare parts

Simple and clear operation

  • software in the Czech language
  • intuitive and simple operation

Basic parameters

Laser Power

500–10 000 W

Max. thickness for structural steel *

0,1–30 mm

Max. thickness for stainless steel *

0,1–20 mm

Max. thickness for aluminum *

0,1–15 mm

Max. thickness for copper *

0,1–10 mm

Max. thickness for brass *

0,1–10 mm

Working dimensions

1 550 x 3 050 mm

Maximum material weight

2 000 kg

*The stated values depend on the material composition, the configuration of the optical elements and the power of the laser. It is possible to cut other material than those mentioned here, eg FeZn, TiZn, Au, bronze.

Technical parameters

Max. working feed in the X axis

3050 mm

Max. working feed in the Y axis

1550 mm

Max. working feed in the Z axis

150 mm

Max. speed in the X axis

250 m/min

Max. speed in the Y axis

250 m/min

Max. speed in the Z axis

70 m/min

Simultaneous speed of X, Y axes

353 m/min

Acceleration of X, Y, Z axes

3 g


0,02 mm

Working gas

O2, N2, air

Working pressure

0,2 – 25 bar

Ambient operating temperature

10 - 40 °C

Supply voltage range

360–460/3P+PE V


50/60 Hz

Machine equipment

  • IPG Photonics® laser source, upon agreement is also possible to supply from another manufacturer
  • Precitec® cutting head with automatic focus adjustment
  • control panel with 24" touch LCD monitor
  • CAD/CAM system
  • remote machine management and laser diagnostics
  • remote control using an Android device
  • possibility to connect to a local LAN network
  • automatic regulation of the height of the cutting nozzle above the LHCD material
  • guiding red laser beam
  • cooling unit
  • flue gas exhaust fan
  • camera system for monitoring the work process
  • lighting of the inner space of the protective box

Main components

Laser source

The cutting machines are equipped with fiber lasers produced by IPG Photonics, the world's leading manufacturer of high-power fiber lasers. At the customer's request, we may also be able to use a laser source from another manufacturer.

Cutting head

Our cutting machines are equipped with process heads from the Precitec company, which are currently among the best on the market. The cutting head has a built-in autodiagnostics, the possibility of remote management.


Based on almost twenty years of experience with laser cutting, we have developed a control system that takes into account the requirements for large-scale and small-series production, while maintaining clarity and easy operation of the machine. The control system is in the Czech language.


We use our own cooling unit for cooling fiber lasers, which has two separate cooling circuits. These maintain a constant operating temperature of the laser source and external optics.

Machine movement

Movement in the X, X1, Y axes is ensured by high-performance linear motors with direct measuring, which have significantly higher dynamics and accuracy of movement compared to rotary motors, gearboxes and comb gears. All axes are equipped with a high-precision and rigid linear guide with central lubrication. This solution ensures high precision, positioning speed and long machine life.

Machine frame

The machine frame is manufactured as a weldment optimized for the required static and dynamic loads. The frame weldment is heat annealed and then machined as a single unit, which guarantees long-term dimensional stability and accuracy of the device.

Work tables

Material tables are designed as automatically exchangeable. Optionally, in case of limited space options, the machine can only be delivered with a pull-out table.

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